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88x31 buttons for Web Accessibility

WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool) is a web tool that analyses the code of a given web page and provides a report on that page's accessibility status, if it can be improved and how. It was created by WebAIM, a non-profit organisation that provides web accessibility solutions, from various online resources to in-person training.


  1. Add alt text to your buttons and the link to the tool you're promoting! (Or just use the code from the table below.)
  2. Although the code I provide hotlinks to my website, I recommend downloading the images (and changing the "src" attribute accordingly). They're very lightweight (under 2.5 KB each), so they won't take much space on your server!
Image Code
WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool
<a href="https://wave.webaim.org"><img src="https://sealed.neocities.org/assets/wave.gif" alt="WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool"></a>
Evaluated to be accessible!
<a href="https://wave.webaim.org"><img src="https://sealed.neocities.org/assets/evaluatedWAVE.png" alt="Evaluated to be accessible!"></a>